Too Many Traffic Jams

For inquiry this term we have been looking at problems in and around our school. We had to find a big problem and investigate what was causing it. My problem was traffic jams. My plan to make these traffic jams ease is to write a letter to the council telling them about these traffic jams. My solution to this is that we need more buses. I will tell the council in my letter to see if they could hire more buses for the schools. I will also write to the bus company to ask them to reduce the price a bit. I think that if they reduce the price more people would catch the bus.

Haiku poems

Today we have been learning how to write Haku poems. Haiku poems are poems that have 5 syllables on the first line, 7 on the second and 5 on the third. Below are some that I have written. Test the syllables for yourself!

Commander Boof said

Prepare for the invasion

of the planet Earth!



(in everyone’s dream come true)

Shame it is not true




The Magic Flute


On Wednesday we went to see the Magic Flute. The Magic Flute is an opera story. The story is about this person called Tamino who is chased through the woods by a monster. He faints and then meets a bird catcher called Papageno. Then the queen of the night comes and shows Tamino a portrait of her daughter and Tamino falls in love with it. He promises to rescue her and succeeds and they become king and queen.





On Thursday we had our first Three Way Conference!! We did a book creator about what we have been doing throughout the year. I thought I did extremely well with what I did and I am very proud of what I have achieved. The video down below the pics is a green screen.